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Cabrales a cheese ripened with blue penicillium molds photograph jlastras on flickr the magic that is cheese only really needs four ingredients to happen milk salt rennet or some other coagulant as i discussed earlier and microbes like everyone i used to be vaguely aware that there were good bacteria and molds that grew on and in cheese and thats where my interest endedhuman evolution and history are inextricably connected to a world of microbes over thousands of years a global landscape of food and drink has rested fundamentally on beneficial microorganisms and the process of fermentation in cheese and microbes editor catherine w donnelly presents perspectives from internationally renowned experts on the essential role of these wonderful organisms in a scientific overview of the association of microbes with cheese through the lens of select cheese varieties that result due to surface mold ripening internal mold ripening rind washing cave aging or surface smear rind development over the past decade there has been explosive growth in the u the dairy bacteria these were taken from several different web sites species major known function product propionibacterium shermanii flavor and eye formation swiss cheese family lactobacillus bugaricus lactobacillus lactis lactobacillus helveticus acid and flavor bulgarian buttermilk yoghurt kefir koumiss swiss emmental and italian cheese making started around 8000 years ago and today there are probably 1000 different types of cheese cheese is made from milk by fermenting it with special types of bacteriathe characteristic flavours of cheeses come from the type of milk used and from the action of microbes during manufacture and storage turning milk into cheese considerably extends its storage life

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